Apple sells out of iPhone 7 Plus and jet black iPhone 7 in first week

Other colours still available

Apple sells out of iPhone 7 Plus and jet black iPhone 7 in first week

Apple has already sold out of its iPhone 7 Plus across all colours and all of its jet black iPhone 7 devices.

Pre-orders for the new range of phones started on 9 September, meaning it took just one week for Apple to sell out of its preorder stock.

Limited stock of the iPhone 7 will be available in the four other colours available, including a standard black. Customers may be able to pick them up from an Apple store when it launches tomorrow, Friday 16 September.

Phones can also be ordered online, although Apple is already listing these as taking two to three weeks for delivery, as initial stock has already sold out.

Brand new

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were both announced at Apple's keynote event on 7 September, featuring a raft of improvements to both devices.

The iPhone 7 Plus sees the biggest improvements, as it is equipped with two cameras to allow optical zoom and higher-definition photos.

It also comes at a higher price – the base model of an iPhone 7 Plus costs $769 and goes up to $969 for the high-end model, while an iPhone 7 starts at $649 and goes up to $849.

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