Marmalade 8.6 launches with iOS 10 and Android N support

The SDK gears up for new OS updates

Marmalade 8.6 launches with iOS 10 and Android N support

Marmalade platform 8.6 has been released with support for the upcoming iOS 10 and Android N operating systems.

While existing Marmalade apps are apparently compatible with iOS 10, this new vversion will be required for those not using Xcode 8.

This latest release also tackles compatibility issues relating to the new multi-window feature introduced in Android N.

Get it while you can

This comes after the news that the firm will be shutting down its development platform to focus on making its own games with Marmalade Game Studios.

Version 8.8 will be the final release for the SDK. This is currently due for to go live in March 2017.

After that, a Source Edition of the Marmalade development tool will be available for purchase, allowing the existing community to make alterations as it sees fit.

More information on Marmalade platform 8.6 is available here.

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