Samsung limits Galaxy Note 7 battery life to stop them from exploding

Adds an alert to phones telling users to turn them off

Samsung limits Galaxy Note 7 battery life to stop them from exploding

Samsung is pushing an update out to its Galaxy Note 7 that will drastically limit the device's battery life in order to prevent further overheating issues.

The update will cap battery power at 60%. It will also add an alert that recommends users turn off their phone immediately and return it for a new device.

As well as this, the battery symbol on affected phones will be turned grey as another reminder. Unaffected phones will show a green battery symbol.

This update is currently planned for release in Australia, but it seems unlikely that Samsung wouldn't push the update worldwide.

Bring 'em on back

Efforts to recall the Galaxy Note 7 began on 2 September, with a refocused effort starting on 12 September when the device was banned from major international airlines.

Issues with the phone came to a head recently when one user filed a lawsuit against Samsung after his device exploded in his pocket.

Samsung has also stopped all sales of the phone. It is expected to start selling the phone again in the US on 21 October 2016. Sales in South Korea are set to resume on September 28th.

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