Improved Galaxy Note 7's are already being sold by US mobile carriers

Only 25% of owners have returned their exploding phones

Improved Galaxy Note 7's are already being sold by US mobile carriers

Mobile carriers in the US are already selling updated versions of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 that replaces the exploding batteries found in earlier models.

Carriers Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile have all received new stock of the Galaxy Note 7, and are selling it both online and in retail stores.

The stock had been sent to stores to be used for replacements, but Samsung has said that only 25% of phones have been returned so far. As such, the mobile carriers have surplus stock that they are now selling to the general public.

Not so perfect recall

A recall of all Galaxy Note 7's had been issued following reports of batteries overheating and exploding when charging or during use.

Most recently, a user in Florida filed a lawsuit against Samsung after allegedly receiving burns to his leg and thumb when his phone exploded in his pocket.

It had been rumoured that Samsung would not be selling any new models until late October, as it focused on replacing phones for users with the older battery.


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