Rovio's Pet Monsters expands soft launch to India, Ireland, and the UK

Flat out fails in the UK

Rovio's Pet Monsters expands soft launch to India, Ireland, and the UK

Rovio's upcoming midcore title Pet Monstershas been pushed out to the United Kingdom during its soft launch.

The game was quietly released in the region on August 30th. It has also expanded its reach to India and Ireland.

The game is performing terribly in the UK, having dropped out of the App Store download charts completely in just two weeks after launch.

This isn't entirely surprising, of course, as the game has yet to have any UA campaign of any kind, and Rovio still hasn't officially announced the game or added it to their website.

No touching

Pet Monsters was originally launched as Deminions Unleashed in December 2015, before being renamed to its current title in June 2016.

It's a midcore title that plays a lot like Mixi's Monster Strike, as well as Rovio's other soft-launched midcore title, Angry Birds Evolution.

The United Kingdom isn't generally considered a region suitable for soft-launching, as it has high CPIs compared to many other regions.

That said, there has been a growing trend of games soft-launching in the region, often simply to gain access to a larger number of English-speaking players more easily.


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