Supercell made up 80% of all Finnish game revenues in 2015, report claims

Powering Finland to Nordic dominance

Supercell made up 80% of all Finnish game revenues in 2015, report claims

Supercell was singlehandedly responsible for nearly 80% of the Finnish games industry's total €2.68 billion revenue in 2015, according to a report.

The data comes from research by Sisu Game Ventures co-founder Samuli Syvähuoko and Neogames Finland Director KooPee Hiltunen. It noted that the report should only be considered a "snapshot" of the industry from when the report was released, and that it may include some errors.

Clash of Clans developer Supercell was said to have made €2.1 billion in revenue during 2015, significantly higher than other studios in the region.

State of play

Despite taking up 80% of total Finnish game industry revenue however, many other companies in the region still reported strong earnings.

Three other companies are thought to have made more than €100 million in 2015. These are Angry Birds developer Rovio, Unity Finland and EA Tracktwenty.

Sulake, RedLynx, Seriously, Fingersoft and Remedy also all made over €10 million, and 26 companies over all made more than €1 million from games.

As of autumn 2016, the total number of Finnish games companies stood at around 280.

Finland's closest rival in the Nordic region, Sweden, home to King, Mojang, DICE, Starbreeze, Massive and MAG Interactive, reported around €1.2 billion total revenue in 2015. The country is home to approximately 250 games companies.

The Nordic countries compared, based on estimated total 2014 and 2015 revenues for the games industry.

Other notable statistics include the fact that Rovio still accounts for 17.4% of all games industry jobs in Finland, more than twice that of Supercell.

Six companies house around 100 or more staff, and at least 30 studios have a headcount of higher than 10.

The full presentation is available here.


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