Roadhouse Interactive's CEO opens up on the studio's cash flow problems and closure

Key client pulled out of apps business

Roadhouse Interactive's CEO opens up on the studio's cash flow problems and closure

Roadhouse Interactive's CEO James Hursthousehas revealed more information about why the studio closed down earlier this month.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Hursthouse said that "one of our key clients decided to get out of the app business altogether" in July 2016. This led to what he called a "domino effect of cash flow problems".

Roadhouse's Iron Maiden game launched around the same time and while it was monetising, it wasn't generating enough revenue to make up for the loss of business.

Right-sizing exercise

"We had some layoffs in July, around 25 people at that point in time, which was just a right-sizing exercise," said Hursthouse.

"We thought, at that stage, we could still make it through."

Ultimately, however, the studio couldn't raise any additional money in time. It received "a few offers for the company", but couldn't close the deals in a short enough timeframe.

Thankfully, the studio was still able to pay all of its employees up until the day it shut down.

Moving on

Looking ahead, Hursthouse said that some staff are continuing to work on Roadhouse's older games with their publishers. The Iron Maiden team is continuing work on the game with publisher Nodding Frog.

"I don’t see all that much trouble as far as finding another role for these guys," said Hursthouse.

"Some of them are continuing to work together and some are going on to new opportunities."

As for Hursthouse himself, he intends on assessing the market for a few weeks before moving on, and is eyeing up further opportunities in Canada around mobile and mixed reality technology.


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