Ubisoft CEO: Nintendo Switch could redefine we the way we play games

Yves Guillemot appears bullish about Nintendo's new hardware

Ubisoft CEO: Nintendo Switch could redefine we the way we play games

The Nintendo Switch could redefine the way people play games, according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot.

In a Facebook post, Guillemot praised the console’s unique design and felt the hardware was accessible to consumers.

The Nintendo Switch was revealed yesterday to be a home console and handheld hybrid with detachable controls.

New games

Guillemot confirmed that Ubisoft was developing multiple games for the system, as well as the previously announced Just Dance 2017. He said one of its upcoming titles would “definitely surprise” fans.

The tease could hint at a number of potential titles, but it may be a reference to the recently confirmed Beyond Good & Evil 2.

“With the Switch’s unique capacities and design, Nintendo could again redefine the way we play games,” said Guillemot.

“The Switch is accessible at its core and will give people the freedom and the pleasure to share more experiences and play anywhere at anytime. The Ubisoft teams developing games for the Switch are inspired by these new possibilities, and I’m really happy that we’re able to continue doing great things with Nintendo.

“In addition to Just Dance 2017, I think there’s at least one game that will definitely surprise you.”

Long-term support?

Ubisoft’s early support will be a boon for Nintendo, often known for failing to retain third-party support on its home consoles, particularly on the Wii U.

It remains to be seen whether Ubisoft will stick around for the long-term however. The publisher has only supported the Wii U with the Just Dance series in recent years.

2014 was the last time it released a game other than Just Dance on the Wii U, bringing Child of Light and Watch Dogs to the console.

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