App Store trends for October 2016: Breaking down the number of apps and pricing points

App Store trends for October 2016: Breaking down the number of apps and pricing points

Disclaimer: This is unofficial data from our own App Store Metrics that may not be 100% accurate, and the most recent data may not yet be fully taken into account. The below numbers are offered to provide an insight into App Store trends.

There were more than 2.6 million active mobile apps and games on the Apple App Store in October 2016.

That’s according to our App Store Metrics, which scoops data from the iTunes App Store to count the number of active and inactive apps, as well as app prices and app categories.

Games the most popular cateogry

For the month of October 2016, it showed that there were 2,029,848 active apps on the App Store and 658,197 active games.

In total, that means there were 2,688,045 active apps and games last month. These apps come from 598,277 publishers.

These numbers are likely to rise as further data for our App Store Metrics continues to come in.

Games represent 24.48% of all apps on the App Store. The other most popular app types are Business (10.03%), Education (8.8%), Lifestyle (8.58%), Entertainment (6.29%) and Utilities (4.94%).

Currently, the total number of inactive apps no longer available to download stands at 214,876.

According to the Metrics tracker, the number of apps it has currently seen is 2,903,325.

Everybody loves free

It will come as no surprise that free is the most popular price point for games and other apps. At the time of writing, over 1.5 million apps and more than 520,000 games are free.

In total, these apps and games represent 78.07% of all apps on the App Store.

The next most used price points are $0.99 (9.56%), $1.99 (4.33%) and $2.99 (2.92%)

Interestingly, a price point of $4.99 (1.48%) is used by more apps and games than $3.99. For games, this is nearly double, with 3,242 games costing $3.99 and 6,209 games priced at $4.99.

You can find more data on our App Store Metrics page.

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