Advertisers have doubled spends on App Store Search Ads since they launched

Acquiring engaged users to boot

Advertisers have doubled spends on App Store Search Ads since they launched

Advertiser spend on App Store Search Ads has doubled since the service launched on September 20th.

The data comes from a study conducted by AppsFlyer. The company studied over 50 apps running App Store Search Ads during the period of October 5th to October 25th.

It shows an estimated 2x increase in spend on Search Ads, which suggests that advertisers are satisfied with the results they are getting from their ads.

High engagement

It also found that the users it is acquiring have a higher retention rate for the first seven days than those acquired through regular ad networks. However, it has worse 30-day retention than both organic and paid UA.

Each install generated from a Search Ad generated on average six in-app actions, the fourth-highest in the study. Search Ads were also the fifth most effective media source for driving overall installs.

In terms of what keywords worked, the study showed that 34% of ads used General Intent keywords. 28% of ads used the exact names of competitor apps.

The average length of a keyword was found to be 2.4 words. 42% of the keywords used were two words long, while 24% of keywords consisted of three words.


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