Unity gives greenlight to external training providers to offer Unity Certification Exams

11 partners already signed up

Unity gives greenlight to external training providers to offer Unity Certification Exams

Unity has unveiled the next phase of its Certification Program with the launch of its global Unity Authorised Training and Certification Partner Program.

The scheme will allow certified Unity partners to offer training programs and Unity Certification Exams. Previously, Unity had been running the exams exclusively at conferences which it attended.

At present, Unity has partnered with 11 organisations around the world. Unity users can now take exams in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Colombia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and South Korea.

The Certification Program gives developers the opportunity to acquire a recognised qualification in Unity. They can then attach this to their CVs and job applications to give them an official record of their programming experience.

Closing the gap

"We're working hard to close the gap between a booming industry and qualified job-seekers," said Megan Stewart, Head of Global Education at Unity Technologies.

"By opening our doors to partners and allowing them to deliver Unity Certification and Training to their local communities, we can accelerate that process, remove barriers to developer education, and empower even more individuals to find career success."

This expansion had been hinted at by Unity Senior Product Marketing Manager Laetitia Santore in June 2016, who told us that "we can only be in so many places at one time, and we can't pack huge rooms of people, because it has to be closely monitored."


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