Apple's next iPhones with OLED screens could hit the market in 2017

Manufacturers asked to increase production to meet demand

Apple's next iPhones with OLED screens could hit the market in 2017

The rumoured OLED-screened iPhone models could launch as early as next year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It reports that manufacturers have been asked by Apple to increase production of the screens and submit prototypes of higher-resolution screens than the ones currently used by Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge.

The company is said to be relying on Samsung for its initial run of OLED screens. Screen manufacturers LG Display, Japan Display and Sharp are expected to have supplies ready for 2018.

OLED screens are thinner and lighter than the iPhone's current screens, and don't require a backlight to use. A new iPhone using the screen could help Apple's flagging sales.

Will they, won't they

However, OLED screens are estimated to cost $50 more to produce than the current screens. This would lead to increased prices for the iPhone itself.

It is also possible that Apple will run with a different model entirely. It is said to have 10 prototypes for its next iPhone already in development.

The report backs up claims made by Sharp President Jeng-wu Tai that Apple was looking to use OLED screens.

The manufacturer was said to be in the process of increasing OLED production at the start of November 2016.


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