Breakout Ninja generated $24,100 from 650,000 downloads in its first week

Helped promote other titles too

Breakout Ninja generated $24,100 from 650,000 downloads in its first week

Breakout Ninja has now cleared 650,000 downloads in its first week of release and generated around $24,100 in revenue.

The stats come from Part Time Monkey's own blog which breaks down the development process and first week results.

Revenues were broken down to $1,100 from IAP and $23,000 from ads. The game features a "no-ads" IAP, and has a current conversion rate of around 0.08%. The ads have achieved an average $18 eCPM.

Breaking out

The game was featured by Apple in multiple countries, including the US' "New Games We Love" section. It also made it into the top five of the download ranks in the US and 11 other countries.

Developer Tuomas Erikoinen also found that cross-promoting his other games Space Bang and Monkeyrama, the titles saw a combined 10,000 downloads and generated the equivalent of a fifth of their previous lifetime revenue.

Looking ahead, Erikoinen plans to add additional levels to the game at the start of February.

"Unfortunately, as I didn't plan for the success, I had booked an un-cancelable holiday for two weeks starting from tomorrow - which is the reason for the late release date for the update," he wrote.


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