UK App Store prices to jump 25% due to slumping value of the Pound

Turkey and India see price increases too

UK App Store prices to jump 25% due to slumping value of the Pound

App Store prices in the United Kingdom are set to increase by around 25% across all tiers thanks to the slumping value of the pound.

Apple has notified its developers that prices will be increasing in India, Turkey, and the UK. In the case of the UK the prices will  now match US price matrixes.

In context, the cheapest price in the UK will now be 99p, up from 79p. An IAP or game that costs £7.99 will now be £9.99, matching the US' price matrix.

Market fluctuations

The reasoning behind the UK's price hike appears to be due to the poor performance of the Pound Sterling following Britain's vote to leave the EU.

The updated prices are expected to roll out across the App Store over the next week. Apple recommends developers look at its documentation to find out more about how revenue shares are affected.

Turkey previously saw its App Store prices jump in July 2015. At the same time, India received two new pricing tiers placed cheaper than its lowest tier at the time.

[Source: 9to5 Mac]


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