Pokemon GO generated $950 million in revenue in 2016

More than global sales for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Pokemon GO generated $950 million in revenue in 2016

Pokemon GO generated $950 million in revenue in 2016, according to App Annie.

As part of its 2016 retrospective the firm looked into Pokemon GO's impact and uptake and found that it generated $800 million in its first 110 days of release and $950 million by the end of 2016.

To put this into a broader perspective, App Annie stated that this revenue was more than the total worldwide box office gross of superhero film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Spend hard, play hard

As well as generating a lot of revenue, Pokemon GO players were also highly engaged. App Annie found that on the launch day of the game's Halloween event, players put in over six million hours into the game.

Due to its success, the firm claims that Pokemon GO proves that the future of AR lies in mobile apps. It claims that it helped familiarise users with the technology without the need to stay indoors, so users will expect and understand AR more on mobile in future.

Pokemon GO may have been the success story, but it could well be usurped soon. Korea-only title Lineage 2: Revolution recently beat Niantic's record to reaching $100 million in revenue by two days.


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