Gram Games aims to bring more women into the games industry with The 22% Project

Breaking barriers to try to balance the gender divide in games

Gram Games aims to bring more women into the games industry with The 22% Project

London-based casual mobile game developer Gram Games has launched a new program to encourage women to join the game's industry called The 22% Project.

The name comes from the fact that while 48% of people who play games are women, only 22% of industry professionals are. The program is designed to open up more educational opportunities for women looking to enter the industry.

Gram Games will be hosting workshops for women on game design, development and art. It has already hosted several workshops that were a major success and is looking to expand the program through 2017.

Breaking out of the cycle

"Everyone should have the opportunity to explore the limits of their creative potential. With the right knowledge and opportunity, anyone can compete in the gaming industry," said Erin O’Brien, Culture Developer at Gram Games.

"Gaming is thought of as an industry for men, so men are given that access, and the male domination of gaming is perpetuated. The only way to break out of this cycle, is to begin to ensure that women are represented in gaming, to create a system that provides women with the same opportunities and skills required to succeed."

You can find out more details about The 22% Project on the website here.


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