Galaxy on Fire developer Deep Silver Fishlabs cuts 10 jobs

Around 10% of its workforce

Galaxy on Fire developer Deep Silver Fishlabs cuts 10 jobs

Hamburg-based mobile game developer Deep Silver Fishlabs has cut 10 jobs at its studio.

German news site Newsslash claims that the studio had a headcount of 90 employees at the time, meaning it has let around 10% of its workforce go.

No reason has been given by Fishlabs as to why it has made some of its staff redundant. Newsslash simply states that the company is "in a worse position" than it was in 2015 when it began a recruitment drive.

Wrath of the manticore

Fishlabs' most recent release, Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore, drew ire from the community for its shift to free-to-play, and was rejected by our In-App Inspector for its F2P implementation.

Conversely, Fishlabs' Head of Studio Michael Krach told us that the game's launch was "probably the best launch we ever had" and that "the stats are looking very promising right now" with regards to its performance.

It is not the only German mobile developer to suffer cuts in recent months. Goodgame reportedly let 200 of its employees go in January 2017.


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