Over 50 studios sign up for mobile game streaming platform Hatch

More than 90 games set for launch

Over 50 studios sign up for mobile game streaming platform Hatch

More than 50 studios have signed up to bring over 90 games to upcoming mobile game streaming platform Hatch.

The service is set to launch this year from Rovio-spinoff Hatch Entertainment. The platform lets players instantly stream games, rather than having to download them.

It will also come with extra functionality including spectating and share single-player experiences, giving players ability to share and pass on in-game controls.

Raft of support

Partners who have signed up to Hatch include Ubisoft, Double Fine, Frogmind, ustwo, Bandai Namco and Taito.

Games set to arrive on the platform include Camouflaj's Republique, ustwo’s Monument Valley, Noodlecake and Snowman’s Alto’s Adventure, and Shiro Games and Playdigious’ Evoland.

The platform is set to enter beta by the end of Q1 2017.

“As we continue to build our collection of top-tier gaming experiences for a range of audiences, our open invitation and challenge to developers is straightforward,” said Hatch CEO Juhani Honkala.

“Does your best work belong in the company of modern masterpieces like Monument Valley, Leo’s Fortune or Badland? Or some of the all-time great IPs like Pac-Man, Space Invaders or Rayman? Then come and join us, and let’s change the game together.”

Hatch will be at Casual Connect Europe this week and will take part in a mentorship program for select developers, some of whom may get their game on the Hatch service.

We spoke to Hatch in November 2016 in detail about its new technology and how it hopes to finally bring cloud gaming to the masses.

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