E3 2017 will open its doors to 15,000 members of the public for the first time

$250 a ticket for the full three days

E3 2017 will open its doors to 15,000 members of the public for the first time

Major entertainment expo E3 will be opening its doors to the public for the first time when it when it begins on June 13th to 15th 2017.

Traditionally E3 has remained an industry-only event exclusively for developers to show off their games to the press. It experimented with a consumer show at E3 2016 with its E3 Live event, held outside the main conference centre.

This year it will be inviting 15,000 members of the general public to enter the convention. Tickets will cost $250 for the full three days, or $150 as part of an early bird discount.

Business passes will also be made available that provide perks such as access to a business lounge and preferred access into the convention. These are targeted at analysts, advertisers, lawyers and so on.

For the people

"The decision to open our doors to 15,000 fans was a strategic decision. It is thanks to our members and their vision and leadership that made this possible," the ESA's senior VP of communications, Rich Taylor, told GameSpot.

"We have a model that allows the business of the industry to continue for our business and media attendees and provides an opportunity for video games' biggest fans to experience the latest in innovative, immersive entertainment."

With the globalisation of the gaming market more prevalent than before thanks to the rapid growth of mobile games, it is often wondered if E3 is even relevant anymore.

Our own Matt Suckley said in 2015 that the event is "seemingly oblivious to the reach it now has" and that "mobile is still a dirty word, uttered shamefacedly and met with derision" by attendees.

E3 will take place on June 13th to 15th at its usual home of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Public tickets will go on sale on Monday, February 13th.


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