60% of all mobile gamers are men but number of women gamers is on the rise

SuperData Research shares insights from Player Profile dashboard

60% of all mobile gamers are men but number of women gamers is on the rise

Male gamers still make up 60% of all mobile game players but the number of women playing mobile games is on the rise due to games like Pokemon GO.

That's according to SuperData Research's new Player Profile dashboard, which gives developers and analysts insights into the type of people playing games and how they actually interact with them.

SuperData released some stats across a variety of trackable player features to showcase its new dashboard. For example, it found that 47% of all US mobile game players live in the suburbs, while 39% live in urban areas.

Read a book

It also showed that 88% of all smartphone owners play games on their devices. Comparatively, it claimed only 66% of players read books, 72% stream TV shows and 86% browse the internet.

SuperData also found that 80% of all gamers watch videos about games on a regular basis. 50% of these videos are walkthroughs and tutorials for games.

SuperData Research recently collaborated with Unity Technologies on a report of the mobile gaming industry in 2016. It found that the market generated $40.6 billion in revenue through the year.


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