Pokemon GO shoots back to the top of the grossing charts following major update

New Pokemon and customisation options helping boost revenue

Pokemon GO shoots back to the top of the grossing charts following major update

Pokemon GO has returned to the top of the App Store grossing charts following its major update which added 80 new Pokemon to collect.

According to data from App Annie, the game is currently at number one on the overall top grossing charts in the UK and US. It also holds the top spot in 11 other countries including Canada, Denmark and Sweden.

Major boost

It had been lingering in the top 20 of the grossing ranks in the US and UK for some time before the update hit. It also dropped down the ranks shortly after the update was released, but this is likely due to a bug affecting the top grossing ranks.

There has also been a surge in downloads in the UK and the US too, with the game rising back into the top 20 in the download charts in both countries once the new pokemon hit.

The update hasn't had a significant impact in Japan, however. Its peak performance post-update has been at fifth on the overall top grossing charts, and it has already fallen to eighth.

Overall top grossing ranks for Pokemon GO on iPhone from February 12th to February 22nd

Pokemon GO's major update added new Pokemon from the second-generation of the series. It also added a number of new customisation options which players can buy with premium currency.

Despite its relative decline, the game's impact is still being felt on the mobile industry. Supercell's Ilkka Paananen stated that many of Clash Royale's players shifted to Pokemon GO when it was launched in 2016.


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