Flaregames unveils €20 million incubator program Flare Accelerator

Looking to work with emerging F2P developers

Flaregames unveils €20 million incubator program Flare Accelerator

Karlsruhe-based mobile game boutique publisher flaregames has unveiled its new incubator program called the Flare Accelerator.

The publisher plans to invest €20 million ($21 million) in the accelerator across the next 18 months. It will focus on helping emerging developers validate the business case for their F2P mobile games in mid and late stages of production.

Flaregames will be offering its own expertise alongside funding to help improve a game's long-term potential. It is also promising significant marketing budgets in addition to its initial investment to help push the games on release.

A buyer's market

"The huge abundance of product opportunities in mobile has created a buyer's market for publishers and put developers at a disadvantage," said Fraser MacInnes, flaregames Head of Portfolio Management.

"By helping developers validate their game's business case viability as quickly as possible, as well as identifying problem areas early on, we enable developers to concentrate on what developers do best - making fun, captivating experiences.

"Meanwhile, we as flaregames continue to follow our core objective of building up a family of world-class developers."

Flaregames will be at GDC 2017 and is encouraging developers to reach out at the event.

The publisher has previously worked on titles such as Kopla Games' Nonstop Knight, which surpassed seven million downloads after five months of launch.


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