Minecraft surpasses 122 million sales across all platforms

But how many on mobile?

Minecraft surpasses 122 million sales across all platforms

Indie megahit Minecraft has now surpassed 122 million copies sold across all platforms around the world.

Developer Mojang revealed the statistic on the game's official Twitter account. It also stated that the game has an average of 55 million monthly players.

Crafting all over the world

What it didn't reveal is a breakdown of which platforms the sales were attributed to. The game is available on PC, mobile and just about every home console available.

The last sales breakdown Mojang released was back in June 2016 when the game hit 106 million sales. The studio revealed that mobile sales were higher than both PC and console in every region bar Latin America.

The numbers may have been boosted by the game's launch in China through a partnership with NetEase. Mojang signed a five-year deal with the publisher back in May 2015.


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