Unity mobile games downloaded 16 billion times in 2016

Figure represents 31% growth from 2015

Unity mobile games downloaded 16 billion times in 2016

Mobile games harnessing the Unity engine were downloaded 16 billion times in 2016.

Speaking during a special Unity session at GDC 2017, Unity CEO John Riccitiello revealed a number of statistics for Unity games and developers.

He said the 16 billion downloads in 2016 represented 31% growth from 2015.

Uniting players and developers

Riccitiello also claimed that Unity games now make up 38% of all mobile games globally. This is up from 34% in 2015.

The number of mobile devices Unity games reached in the last quarter meanwhile was said to be 2.6 billion. That’s a rise of a billion from the same quarter a year prior.

As for how develoeprs are interacting with the Unity engine itself, Riccitiello said there had been a 38% decline in the number of support tickets, while at the same time adding 40% more customers.


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