Nintendo's Switch predicted to sell 5 million units by the end of 2017

SuperData Research has a crack at the numbers

Nintendo's Switch predicted to sell 5 million units by the end of 2017

Nintendo's soon to be released Switch console is predicted to sell 5 million units in its first year of release, according to SuperData Research.

As reported by GameSpot, the data firm claims that Nintendo is preparing for a "slow-and-steady" launch of the console.

It suggests loyal fans will buy the console immediately, while mainstream adoption will slowly increase through the year.

The firm also suggests that North America will account for around 45% of sales based on past data. Europe will make up 35% of sales, and Japan will account for 12%.

Stiff competition

The problems facing the console are twofold. Not only does it have to compete against home consoles that many gamers already own, the PS4 and Xbox One, it needs to compete at a higher price point.

"Asking $300 for a new console without a bundled game is a comparatively higher barrier to entry for consumers, considering that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are already discounted and come with a free game," said SuperData.

The Switch's main USP is its ability to be taken on the move and played on its own dedicated screen. This suggests it may also need to take on the handheld market, particularly as games are already appearing that cannot be played in TV mode.

Nintendo has not released any predicted sales of its own, but it has stated that it will be shipping 2 million units in the console's launch month.


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