Harmonix partners with Hasbro for mobile and card game DropMix

Playing cards in the real world to mix beats in an app

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March 13th, 2017 partnership Harmonix Music Systems
Not disclosed
Harmonix partners with Hasbro for mobile and card game DropMix

Rhythm game developer Harmonix has partnered with toy manufacturer Hasbro for a new phygital title DropMix.

The game will combine Harmonix's penchant for fully-licensed rhythm-action titles along with a real-world peripheral produced by Hasbro. The peripheral will connect to an Android and iOS app to play the game.

DropMix has players using real-world cards to produce DJ mixes within the app. 300 cards have already been produced ahead of the game's release, which could be expanded upon in the future with further card packs.

Updating the fans

The game is scheduled for released in September 2017. Harmonix will be advertising the game through Twitch streams, constant social media updates and hands-on demos in the build-up to launch.

Harmonix previously partnered with Tilting Point on a multi-game deal for mobile devices. It released Beat Sports on Apple TV and BeatNiks on mobile, the latter of which appears to be have been shuttered.


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