Super Mario Run gets over 160,000 5-star reviews on Google Play in 24 hours

Fans rush to defend the big N

Super Mario Run gets over 160,000 5-star reviews on Google Play in 24 hours

Super Mario Runhas already garnered a much better reception on Android than its iOS launch just one day after release with over 160,000 5-star reviews.

The game had initially received a negative response when it first launched on the App Store back in December 2016, with many complaints centring around the title's sudden paywall and relatively high price.

This time around, however, Nintendo's hardcore fans have already jumped in to defend it.

"Most people spend 10 times more getting drunk with nothing to show for it the next day but a hangover," wrote one 5-star reviewer.

Another added: "It's a watered-down Mario, what do you expect on Android? We are lucky to get the licensing."

Some still disgruntled

It has still gathered over 40,000 1-star reviews however, largely from players who are dissatisfied with the price.

"Nintendo needs to stop trying to squeeze cash out of people. This game will quickly go the way of Pokemon Go," wrote one disgruntled player.

Nintendo does seem to be listening to the concerns over pricing, however. A new update on iOS allows players to unlock the game's fourth level for free if they complete an in-game challenge, which suggests similar free levels may be added further down the line.

Despite concerns around pricing, Super Mario Run achieved 78 million downloads on iOS in its first month of release. 5% of downloads also converted to paid players on iOS.

Pokemon GO, developed by Niantic Labs and The Pokemon Company, continues to enjoy success. It has managed over 650 million downloads less than a year after first launching.


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