Zynga digs deep into its back-catalogue for newly soft-launched game Mafia Wars

The title returns for another crack at the big time

Zynga digs deep into its back-catalogue for newly soft-launched game Mafia Wars

Zynga appears to be relaunching one of its most popular Facebook games on mobile platforms with the soft-launch of new game Mafia Wars.

It was released in Indonesia on Android and iOS on March 30th 2017 and has not received any updates so far.

The game revolves around building up a gang and forming alliances with other players. It will feature real-world cities and locations that can be taken control of alongside other alliance members.


"We're testing a new Action Strategy MMO mobile game – Mafia Wars – which draws inspiration from one of our most popular, early franchises on the web," said Zynga in a statement.

"The team is in the early stages of game development and we look forward to hearing from our players during our soft launch."

Mafia Wars is best known as a Facebook game launched in 2008 and subsequently shut down in 2016. It made its way onto iPhones back in 2009, but this version too was shut down.

Despite its popularity in its Facebook heyday, Zynga has had trouble relaunching the IP in the past, and killed two of its spin-offs in January 2013.

Mafia Wars is not Zynga's only game currently in soft-launch. It is also developing a reboot for its Words With Friends game, appropriately titled New Words With Friends.


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