Over 190 million smartphones currently on the market are VR-compatible

Newzoo outlines how mobile VR mass adoption should happen

Over 190 million smartphones currently on the market are VR-compatible

Around 6.8% of the mobile devices globally are capable of running either Google Daydream or Samsung VR, according to Newzoo.

The marketing intelligence firm found that of the 2.8 billion smartphones currently in use, 191.1 million were capable of running either VR headset. Google Cardboard was not studied in its report.

Breaking this down further, 184.4 million devices are compatible with the Gear VR, accounting for 6.6% of the market. Only 5.6 million devices are compatible with Google Daydream, a mere 0.2% of the global market in comparison.

Getting there

Newzoo noted that Samsung had actually sold five million Gear VR headsets as of January 2017, accounting for just 2.7% of all devices that could power the headset.

The intelligence firm claimed that for the mobile VR market to achieve mass adoption, the overall experience would need to be improved upon. The addition of more content and the overcoming of compatibility issues would also aid mobile VR adoption.

Mobile may instead shift towards AR capabilities, especially given the recent interest in the technology from major players. Even Facebook is developing an AR platform, designed with games and location-based activities in mind.

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