Skybound's Dan Murray to keynote PG Connects San Francisco 2017

Need a survival guide to a world overrun by IP?

Skybound's Dan Murray to keynote PG Connects San Francisco 2017

Do you recall the happy look Rick Grimes and his chums sported when they captured the prison complex in The Walking Deadseason 3?

That sense of achievement, that 'everything is going to be alright' optimism is coarsing through our veins as we announce Skybound Interactive president Dan Murray is keynoting our forthcoming PG Connects San Francisco on June 27th to 28th.

Currently at Skybound – the multimedia company founded by The Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman – having previously served a significant stint at Foundation 9 (another entertainment multi-property media company), Murray will draw upon his considerable industry knowledge to deep-level discuss IP, and deliver a unique 'Superstar Session' that focuses on the key lessons of working with IP from both a practical and inspirational perspective.

Packed schedule

Murray joins a growing set of PGC SF speakers who will contribute towards a 30-hour conference programme covering monetisation, global publishing, eSports, indie development, casino gaming, marketing, industry trends, funding strategy, analytics, talent acquisition, legal wisdom, market overview, narrative & design challenges, and much more. 

Tenaciously accompanying the agenda every step of the way, Daryl Dixon-like, will be our usual set of fringe event goodness and, we like to boast, the kind of networking that can ensure the connections that will help industry players survive these sometimes tough times.

But this is going to be a good one. It's going to be alright.

It's a feeling undoubtedly enhanced by the fact we know we're unlikely to be written off the script in a scene depicting us eaten alive by zombies. Not unless San Francisco has changed substantially since we were last there.

So stick with us, we'll look after you. Though you'll want to grab a ticket at Early Bird rates before they shuffle off.

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