Using rewarded video ads in your app can boost retention by 4x, claims Tapjoy

Using rewarded video ads in your app can boost retention by 4x, claims Tapjoy

Mobile apps that use rewarded ads of any kind can potentially drive a 4x increase in retention over apps which do not, according to Tapjoy.

The mobile marketing firm has released a new report called The Impact of Rewarded Ads on App Retention, which studies the behaviour of over 500 million app users across 10,000 apps in April 2016.

The report claimed that a user interacts with just one rewarded ad in their first week could have a day-30 retention rate of at least 50%. This is four times higher than the benchmark D30 retention rate of 12.72%.

Glued to the screen

Breaking this down further, users who engaged with at least one rewarded video ad in their first week had a day-30 retention rate of 53.2%. Users who engaged with seven videos in their first week had a D30 retention rate of 71%.

Rewarded video ads were by far the best performer for retention. Full-screen interstitials, for example, saw day-30 retention rates up to 58.11% if users engaged with them at least six times in their first week of using the app.

Tapjoy most recently partnered with analytics firm Moat to bolster its rewarded video ad services. The partnership lets Tapjoy clients access viewability and attention analytics for their video ad campaigns.

You can access the full Rewarded Ads report on Tapjoy's website.


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Outstanding. Tapjoy, Airpush and only a select few others remain the standout mobile advertising platforms of this day and age. Happy to see this continuing trend of innovation!
Mark Peterson Creative Director at Janeious ltd.
I haven't looked at the actual study (yet) but from the way it's written here the headline seems misleading at best.
Correlation != Causation.
Just because user who have watched rewarded ads have a higher retention rate does not mean that rewarded video ads will quadruple the 30day retention as the headline implies.