Ketchapp gets in on the fidget spinner craze with no.1 App Store game Finger Spinner

Ketchapp gets in on the fidget spinner craze with no.1 App Store game Finger Spinner

Mobile developer Ketchapp has got in on the fidget spinner craze with a new mobile app that’s topping the App Store download charts.

Fidget spinners are the must have toy amongst kids right now. They typically feature three prongs which spin around a central bearing covered in a pad that the user can hold as it spins.

The toy has proven so popular that Ketchapp has developed a title called Finger Spinner to get in on the action.

The game gives players five swipes of a virtual fidget spinner to set off the best spin they can. The more users play the game the more potential spinners they can unlock.

It's light on monetisation, featuring ads that can be removed through a single in-app purchase.

Chart topper

The game has reached the number one spot for overall App Store downloads in 27 countries at the time of writing, such as the UK, France, Finland, Canada, Germany and USA. It has reached the top 100 in 68 countries.

It has not fared nearly as well on Google Play however, where it takes the more obvious name of Fidget Spinner (not to be confused with another game on Google Play bearing the Finger Spinner name).

It has yet to top the download charts and has reached the top 100 download charts in just 11 countries. It should be noted though that the game is still racing up the charts with each passing day.

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Get A Charge
While I did not start the fidget spinner craze, I did write the first app on the apple store entitled "fidget spinner" released on March 24, 2017 and, for better or worse, starting the fidget spinner app craze. Some info:

On March 24, 2017 The first fidget spinner app for mobile devices was released on the apple store, entitled "Fidget Spinner". [ ] It was adapted by Get A Charge LLC from an app written by an Aerospace Engineering Professor to demonstrate the principles of the dynamics of a rotating mass with a spring restoring force and dissipative damping, which is a classical 2nd order dynamical system used to demonstrate the various oscillatory modes of motion of an aircraft and other rotating and moving objects.

Not able to quit my day job, I was unable to keep up with the professional software houses in releasing updates and enhancements.