Appodeal launches new ad exchange platform for mobile developers

AppodealX available as part of Appodeal SDK 2.0

Appodeal launches new ad exchange platform for mobile developers

Ad mediation outfit Appodeal has launched its own ad exchange platform for mobile developers called AppodealX.

The platform offers ad revenue to developers through a system in which ad impressions are offered within an app via a real-time auction, which the company claims reduces the number of parties between an advertiser and an app.

AppodealX remains part of the Appodeal ecosystem and works directly through the server, meaning that the SDK remains the same size despite ad sources growing from 35 to 100+.

"Transparent and handy"

"We are launching a complicated, high-loaded product," said Pavel Golubev, CEO and founder of Appodeal.

"Our own ad exchange allows us not only to double the number of partners but also offer the developers more flexible ad settings.

"In AppodealX we watch over the display rate to avoid unpaid impressions. We’re also bringing in predictive technologies and allowing the devs to block some ad categories.

"To put it simply, it’s another step further in making the ad industry transparent and handy for app developers.”

AppodealX is technically in soft launch but already handles 1.2 billion auctions daily and is set to increase its volume though smaller ad networks and emerging regions. 

The ad exchange platform is available to all mobile developers using Appodeal SDK 2.0 as standard.

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