Sony makes the smartphone a PS4 controller with new PlayLink range

Multiplayer-focused games offer potential for unique new games

Sony makes the smartphone a PS4 controller with new PlayLink range

Sony has unveiled a new range of titles under the 'PlayLink' brand that lets users combined their smartphones and tablets with their PS4 and TV.

Players can download the PlayLink app to effectively turn their smartphone’s touchscreen and camera into an input device for select PS4 titles.

The games are targeted at multiplayer experiences rather than single-player.

New kind of games

The PlayLink range has launched with an assortment of games, including narrative-driven detective thriller Hidden Agenda. Up to six players can take part, each making key decisions to move the story forward in the direction they want.

The game is being developed by Guildford-based studio Supermassive Games, which has previously worked on titles such as Until Dawn. Hidden Agenda is currently slated for a 2017 release.

An example from Hidden Agenda of how players can make decisions using their phone, possibly against the consensus of their friends

Sony has also signed a two-game deal with Brighton developer Wish Studios, which is releasing quiz and trivia games That’s You! And Knowledge is Power.

Other PlayLink-compatible titles include arcade mini-game collection Fnatics and SingStar Celebration. The latter lets players use their smartphone as a microphone if they download the SingStar Mic App.

More titles are said to be in the works for PlayLink.


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