Mobile gamers are spending 44 seconds longer in games across fewer sessions

Flurry Analytics takes a look at average mobile gaming sessions

Mobile gamers are spending 44 seconds longer in games across fewer sessions

The average number of sessions spent playing mobile games has dropped 10% in 2017 compared to 2016 but are spending longer in games, according to Flurry Analytics.

The analytics firm revealed the figures in its new "Play Longer, Spend More: Gamers Become Serious About Mobile" report. It studies the usage of 940,000 apps across all app categories, providing insights into 2.1 billion devices.

The report found that the number of sessions in role-playing games fell 29% year-on-year, while casual game sessions dropped 23% year-on-year. Conversely, board and strategy games saw session numbers increase 29% year-on-year, while racing games saw their sessions numbers grow by 26%.

More time per session

However, while sessions numbers are down, sessions numbers are increasing. Average session lengths rose to seven minutes and six seconds in 2017, up 44 seconds from 2016.

Session lengths also increase dependent on screen size. Flurry found that "medium phones" saw average session lengths of 383 seconds, while full-sized tablets had average session lengths of 623 seconds.

Flurry also looked at the geography of players, finding that 50% of all game sessions came from just five countries: the United States, India, China, Brazil, and Russia. The US alone accounts for 20% of all mobile gaming sessions globally.

You can view the full report by Flurry Analytics on its blog post.


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