All the companies: Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2017 offers true cross-industry representation

From solo indies to global giants, all shall be rubbing shoulders during June 27th-28th conference

All the companies: Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2017 offers true cross-industry representation

Is this the laziest article we've published? It's certainly the one with the most ellipses.

We like to think the story's informative nature more than outweighs the undeniable cut & paste approach evident below, though. (And trust us, the formatting alone takes considerably longer than typing out fresh, scintillating prose).

The now near-imminent Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2017 (June 27th to 28th) is packed full of content, speakers, supporting elements galore in the form of indie dev competitions, parties, expo areas, curated meeting sessions, even a bonus VR conference.

You can still pick up tickets to PGC here.

But it's the whole caboodle in attendance, representing hundreds of companies from a genuine cross-section of the sector, that will make one of the biggest differences to your business.

Who'll be there? How about this lot for starters:

5CA, 78x36 Productions…

A&E,, ACY Entertainment, AdColony, ADVR, Affiniti Ventures, Agnitio Capital, Aidis, Akamai, Alau Consulting,, Amber Studios, App Onboard, Applanga, AppLift, Appnext, AppsFlyer, Appsolute Games, Architect Partners, Arkavis, Arteco Services, AXA Techn Switzerland…

BadComics Software, Bajaar, Banana & Co, Bandai Namco Entertainment America, Bessemer Venture Partners, BizzMuse, Blackstorm Labs, Blueprint Reality, Boostinsider, Broken Window Studios, Built Games

Candywriter,, Cembra Money Bank, Chartboost, Chartbuster Games, Chatmost, Cheetah Mobile, China Mobile Games & Entertainment Group, Climax Studios New Zealand, CloudGate Studio, CME Group, cognitiveVR, Cognizant, Connected Interactive, ConQuest AR, Coop Rechtsschutz, Crobo, CrossInstall, CTR, CyberZ, Cypress

Dakido, Dark Horse Digital, DC Games Consulting, Deloitte, Digi-Capital, Digiment, Digital Domain, Dimoso, Dreamatik Entertainment, DuoFun Studios…

East Side Games, Electronic Arts, EM ALL Studio, EMOGI, ESL, Ether Games, Execution Labs, Eyetouch Reality…

Facebook, Faceroll Games, Fifth Column Games,, Flaregames, Fluffy Fairy Games, FORWARD, Free Hive Games, FunPlus

GAM Investment Management, Game Cooks, Game Drop, Gameloft, GameVision Studios, GeekGamerGuy, Glu Mobile, GMO NIKKO, Google, Granola Studios, GREE, GreedyGame, Gumbler eSports, gumi, Guppy Games

Hatch, Helpshift, Heroic Labs, Hibernum, High Score Hero, Highmark Interactive, Hologram, HTC VIVE, HWZ University, HyprMX…

Icon Ventures, IDG Consulting, Idiot Savant, iFunFactory, IGDA, Ignited Artists, iGotcha Studios, Immersion, Imperia Online,, InMobi, InnoSpark, Iron Horse Games, ironSource, iSeed Ventures

Jackpot Rising, Jolly Bear Games, JPMorgan Chase, JUDOBABY, JungleCat Media

Karman Interactive, Keywords Studios, Kochava, Kongregate…

Like Pizza, Linekong, Liquid and Grit, Long Game, Lost Boys Interactive

Mail.Ru Group, Maple Media, Marengo Knoll, Maverick Gamers, Mega World Studios, Megacool,, Megaworld Studios, Metamoki, Mibelle Group, Midas Touch Interactive, Mobile Game Doctor, MobilityWare, MoEsport, MojiWorks, Moonwalk Audio, Mta, MunkyFun, Murka, Murray-Bertron…

NativeX, NaturalMotion, Nerd Ops, Nerdtracks Gameaudio, Nerx, Netcetera, Newzoo, Nexway, Noxigard Studios

Ocono, Ondaka, OpenMobile, Orisinal, OSM, OtherSide, Otherworld Interactive, Outpost Capital…

Papa Jake Games, PHZ Game Studios, Pixelberry, PlayStats, Pocket Gems, Pocket Pinata Interactive, Polished Pixels, Pollen Velocity Capital, Polycarbon Games, POLYPLAY, Present Creative, Propagate, Publicis Communications

Ragnarok Studios, Reliance Games, RewardMob, Riot Games, RJ Games, Robot Sea Monster Games, Rolltower Studios

[deep breath]

SafeDK, Salad Hunters, Samsung, San Francisco State University, SBB AG, Schweiz Bundesbahnen, Scientific Games, Scientific Revenue, Scopely, Scott Jon Siegel Games, Seasun Games, Sega, Seismic Games, Showdown, Sidekick VR, Siemens Schweiz, Silicon Studio, Simpl Analytics, Skillz, Skybound Interactive, Slice Intelligence,, Slide To Play, Smaato Snowflake Studios, Sofa Kingdom, spil games, Spirit Love, SPRFNS, SPYR, StartApp, StatSims, StealthShampoo, Steampunk Digital, Stepping Stone, Stratagaming, Subdream Studios, SVRVIVE Studios, Swisscom Schweiz…

Tabletop Pixel, Tamalaki, Tango, TangoMe, Tapcore, Tapdaq, Tapjoy, Tatum Games, Techvoyce, Telltale Games, Tenjin, The Inspiracy, The Khronos Group, The Specialist Works, The VR Fund, Thoughtfish, Threye Interactive, Thumbspire, Tilting Point, Toochill, Transformation Group, TransLink Capital, TRIGGERSPOT, TRITONE, Turbo Labz

UBS,, Unity Technologies, Upsight, USC Game

Vdopia, Venable, Ventrex, Vibrant Data, Virtual Science Center, VR & FUN, VR Features, VRtize, vTime, Vungle…

Warlock Arts, WB Games, Wlompos Investments

Yarki Studio, Yeahmobi, Yellow Bear, Yengage, Youappi, YouTube…

…and… Zynga.

Got this far? Good work – it's not even the full monty. But what started out as a 'quick & easy' PGC SF story has sucked a remarkable amount of time. So there's a few hundred above to give a flavour of who's turning up, with apologies to the many more that didn't end up getting a listing here. 

Anyone already coming knows they'll benefit from this huge cross-section of industry representation soon enough.

If you're not coming, well… we're not saying you'll be missing out but… you'll be missing out.

There's still time. PGC San Francisco tickets are available.

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