LA startup Wonder raises $14 million to build smartphone-console hybrid

Shakira and Kevin Spacey among the investors

Date Type Companies involved Size
June 30th, 2017 investment Wonder $14m
LA startup Wonder raises $14 million to build smartphone-console hybrid

A stealthy LA startup called Wonder has attracted a total of $14 million in funding to launch "a new type of portable hardware device."

It is further explained in the firm's press release that said device "might be considered a hybrid between a powerful smartphone and a gaming console.”

Best of both?

Founder and CEO Andy Kleinman has a mobile gaming background, as a former General Manager of Zynga and Chief Business Officer of Scopely (whose advisory board he remains a part of).

However, with Wonder he's aiming to appeal to an altogether more niche kind of player. Indeed, Business Insider sources suggest that Wonder's flagship device will run on Android and function similarly to the Nintendo Switch, with accessories including a TV dock. 

Kleinman has previously described the hardware as "one device to rule them all."

The investors making up the $14 million total are a varied bunch, including Kevin Spacey, Nolan Bushnell and Shakira.

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