Reality Gaming readies ‘initial coin offering’ to raise $1.5 million for new AR game

Set to launch on August 29th

Reality Gaming readies ‘initial coin offering’ to raise $1.5 million for new AR game

Reality Gaming Group is gearing up to launch an ‘initial coin offering’ using Ethereum blockchain technologies to raise at a minimum of $1.5 million for its upcoming augmented reality FPS Reality Clash.

An ICO is a method of crowdfunding that involves the sale of cryptocurrency, and doesn’t always grant rights in the company to investors.

Reality Gaming is opening a pre-sale period for investors before it fully launches its ICO on August 29th.

According to the website FAQ, if the token sale doesn't raise enough money to meet any project milestones after 60 days, the crypto amount will be refunded - minus 5% in fees.

Early benefits

Gamers who take part will have the chance to buy special Reality Clash Coins (RCC) Gold tokens at 1/30th the regular price, receive exclusive weapons in Reality Clash and gain access to special tournaments and other extras.

Those exclusive weapons, only available for a limited time, can either be used in the game or traded and sold through the Reality Clash platform or other secondary markets for money.

All in-game content will be ERC-20 tokenised with a Blockchain-based trust list.

Reality Clash is currently slated for launch on iPhone and Android in Q3 2018.

Reality Clash Teaser from tony pearce on Vimeo.

Reality Clash is a tremendously innovative game that also gives gamers a unique opportunity to get into the fast-moving world of ICOs and crypto-currency trading,” said Reality Gaming Group co-founder Tony Pearce.

“Players can speculate on weapons and become a virtual arms dealer, or simply enjoy a tactical advantage by playing the game. Reality Clash was created and crafted by people who truly love video games and understand what players want.”


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