IronSource adds Ad LTV Prediction tool to mobile ad mediation platform

Better understand how much money you're likely to make from your ads

IronSource adds Ad LTV Prediction tool to mobile ad mediation platform

Mobile monetisation and marketing company IronSource has added a new Ad LTV Prediction tool to its suite of services.

The tool allows developers using IronSource to see the projected LTV of their ad campaigns. It breaks down this information by a range of metrics, including DAUs, engaged players and regular users.

Using data acquired during the ad campaign, the tool automatically analyses and processes global eCPM data per user cohort, country, and network. This saves developers needing to do their own calculations on how their ad is likely to perform.

Bird's eye view

"Our position as a mediation technology provider gives us a unique, bird's eye view of ad data as it breaks down across all the major networks in the industry. Predicting ad-based LTV would normally mean access to an enormous amount of data, hours of manual work and ultimately a lot of guesswork," said Tal Shoham, VP International Business Development, Developer Solutions at IronSource.

"This tool is a game changer for both app monetization and marketing, eliminating all that work and connecting both sides of the business to allow developers to stay focused on creating great apps."

IronSource most recently opened up its suite of interactive ads to all of its clients in June 2017. Playable ads were shown to be performing the best of these ads, with 300% more installs than traditional video ads.


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