Supercell seeks new Builder for Clash of Clans - Apply within

Supercell seeks new Builder for Clash of Clans - Apply within

Supercell has a special new job vacancy open for a Clash of Clans Builder.

The previous incumbent left two weeks ago to search for a place where his creations will be safe from the armies that would seek to knock them down - and all in the name of fun.

As seen in captured footage below, the Builder had clearly begun to grow tired of the lack of appreciation for his hard work.

Such little care for his creations today led the Builder to London, where he revealed two working Air Sweepers and a statue of a Barbarian. He’s certainly keeping himself busy away from the high-pressure clan wars.

Having left to seek new experiences and explore the world (he’s already been to New York, Seoul and Shanghai – his previous employment must have paid well), Supercell is now searching for a replacement.

Those who apply will be required to build whenever the player sees fit. Even if it’s at 4am and you’ve been trying to get some much-needed sleep after a five-year shift.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Must be willing to relocate to the World of Clash
  • Must build and maintain a wide-range of buildings, statues, and war machines.
  • Must be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year
  • Must have up-to-date Level Nine Tesla Tower maintenance certification
  • Must have proficiency with building materials both common (wood, stone, etc.) and uncommon (lightning, lava, etc.)

To be eligible for the job, applicants must speak fluent Barbarian and be comfortable working hands-on with molten lava.

Job seekers are advised to send qualifications to or write out their qualifications and send them to Supercell via Baby Dragon.

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Craig Chapple is Senior Editor of and He was previously Deputy Editor at Develop and Online Editor at Nintendo of Europe.


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