MZ recruits influencer and model Alexis Ren as the face of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire ad campaign

Follows in the footsteps of Kate Upton, Mariah Carey and Arnold Schwarzenegger

MZ recruits influencer and model Alexis Ren as the face of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire ad campaign

US developer MZ has brought on Instagram influencer and model Alexis Ren to star in its new TV and digital ad campaign for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.

Ren has more than 10 million followers on Instagram and 945,000 on Twitter. As well as having a modelling career and being a social media star, she also runs her own clothing line.

Ren will feature in several TV spots over the coming months, including during NFL Football matches, as well as in ads on mobile devices and banner advertising online.

MZ has previously recruited the likes of Kate Upton, Mariah Carey and Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in its ad campaigns for Game of War and Mobile Strike.

Social media star

“The women in the Final Fantasy universe are strong and assertive, so when we looked for someone to personify them in our advertising, Alexis was a fitting choice,” said MZ COO Kristen Dumont.

“Alexis is a smart and talented young woman who has built and currently leads a legion of more than 10 million followers, through social media. We believe Alexis is going to be a big breakout star, and we are proud to highlight her as the archetype for this fun mobile game.”

Alexis Ren in the new Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire TV ad

MZ has focused much of its user acquisition efforts on Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire in recent months as it decreased its marketing spend for its other titles Mobile Strike and Game of War.

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Magnus S CEO at Triolith Entertainment
Worst ad ever and shows just what's wrong in the industry, the entire thing starts with showing her but in a tight dress. Not downloading that game.
General Chang Product designer
I think it's a smart move on her part. FF has been awesome over the years. And TBH Id rather fight armies in a strat game than bake cookies for a dog in the desert all day or whatever.
I. C. FOOLS Tech
That girl needs to fire her publicist or manager, or who ever it was that advised her this was a high quality product and it was okay to be the face for an MZ smoke and mirror sweatshop produced Pay 2B Loser scam. That influence thing just went out the window - Too bad, she looks like she had what it takes to have a decent career, now she is tainted by being the symbol of a scam...
Gambo the Dwarf King Tech
Meh.... FF is a mobile strat game, no one makes you pay to play. If she doesn't want the gig, I'll do it..Don't think I can pull of her dress as well she can. Just sayin...