All 4 Games spins off from Channel 4 into independent mobile game publishing label

Business as usual, but with more creative control

All 4 Games spins off from Channel 4 into independent mobile game publishing label

Channel 4's mobile game publishing arm All 4 Games is spinning out into its own independent publishing label.

As reported by, the company will still be known as All 4 Games and will retain its base in Scotland. It will also have access to Channel 4's offices around the UK for conducting meetings with developers, as well as other support from the company.

The move gives the publisher freedom to explore any games it wants, rather than just games that would make sense to Channel 4's ethos. It had previously been focused on licensed properties, before recently transitioning into wider indie publishing during downtime between series of a TV show.

Making the move

"The market is now well served by an array of indie publishers, so it's time for us to transition, and going forward we want to help developers that are looking for the control and freedom that self-publishing brings, but don't have the budget to pay for marketing or hire consultants and so on," said All 4 Games head Colin Macdonald.

"We'll still offer the majority of the benefits developers came to us previously for; we'll still be called All 4 Games, we'll still be running trailers for great indie games in Channel 4 programming, and we'll still be providing as much in the way of recommendations and feedback as developers want to hear."

We spoke to Macdonald at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2017 earlier this year, when he discussed how the publishing arm first started and the struggles it faced in the early days.


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