Apple begins rolling out new retail concepts Town Squares and Today at Apple

Get your phone repaired while you learn how to code

Apple begins rolling out new retail concepts Town Squares and Today at Apple

Apple has unveiled its new retail store concept that combines shopping and education called Town Squares.

The Town Squares concept will appear in the firm's larger stores, acting in their usual capacity of selling Apple items to customers while also offering tech support. Genius Bars will be expanded to Genius Groves for repairs and support.

The stores will also feature quiet areas called "boardrooms" for startups to receive training. The stores are also being pitched as places to meet up and hang out with friends, and live bands will play from time to time.

The new stores will also feature a new program, Today at Apple. This program will offer education and advice to people around a variety of Apple-related topics and products.

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Planned Today at Apple activities so far include Photo Walks to teach photography, and coding lessons for children. A "Teacher's Tuesday" is also being touted to keep educators in the know about the latest technology.

Apple's next flagship store is set to open in Chicago on October 20th. The Today at Apple program appears to be rolling out across the world already – there are Photo Walks already scheduled for today, September 13th 2017, in Manchester.

Apple's keynote event also unveiled three new iPhones and a new mobile game from thatgamecompany. A release date was also given for iOS 11.


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