Atari signs two-game publishing deal with crowdfunding platform Fig

Rebooting a classic franchise and bringing out a brand new IP

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September 19th, 2017 partnership Atari
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Atari signs two-game publishing deal with crowdfunding platform Fig

Atari has signed a publishing deal with crowdfunding platform Fig to develop and release two new games.

The titles will be developed by Atari subsidiary Vagabond Production, and published by Fig. The two games will be a reboot of an old Atari brand, and an entirely new IP.

There are few other details about the games, including which platforms they will launch on. Atari did big up its recent mobile game Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch in the press release, which may suggest that one of these upcoming titles could be a mobile title.

Proving passion

"Fig is providing a model where gamers not only help to get the titles they are most passionate about funded, but also have the opportunity to share in the financial returns with developers and publishers," said Fred Chesnais, CEO of Atari.

"We're excited that Fig has opened up the vast potential of crowdfunding to IP holder and publisher alike by changing the narrative and allowing us to partner with our fans."

Atari recently partnered with LGBT Media to relaunch its mobile game Pridefest two years after it was initially released. The game will be expanded on to include more social features and other new additions.


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