Game Insight doubles down on ARKit with new My Country game and Guns of Boom AR spectator mode

Trying new things with Apple's augmented reality framework

Game Insight doubles down on ARKit with new My Country game and Guns of Boom AR spectator mode

Game Insight is doubling down on Apple's ARKit with a new game built in the framework and an AR spectator mode for Guns of Boom.

The new game, My Country, is a free-to-play city-builder utilising augmented reality. Players will need to physically lean into the game's environment to solve issues in their city and earn money.

Guns of Boom's AR spectator mode also sees viewers looking around a virtual environment, but instead they are watching a live multiplayer battle playing out from above. This mode will be added as a free update to the game in October 2017.

Rethinking possibilities

"ARKit has enabled us to create experiences within My Country that blur the line between the player's world and their creation. This has always been the nirvana of city building games, and we're ecstatic to help players feel like a real part of their cities," said Anatoly Ropotov, CEO of Game Insight.

"And with Guns of Boom, it has also given us the opportunity to look at unique AR possibilities beyond gameplay. With the growth of eSports audiences on the rise, we were able to use ARKit to rethink how viewers can experience watching their favorite games. With Guns of Boom AR spectator mode, eSports fans can watch a living diorama of gameplay unfold before their eyes."

Guns of Boom has performed strongly since launch, surpassing 10 million downloads two months after first launching. The AR spectator mode is seen by the developer as a key method of turning viewers into players.


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