Gram Games' Merge Town! surpasses 2 million downloads in its first month

Launching today on Android

Gram Games' Merge Town! surpasses 2 million downloads in its first month

Gram Games' Merge Town! has surpassed 2 million downloads on iOS alone in its first month of release.

The game was first launched on August 31st 2017 on iOS only. It has now been released on Android as of today, September 27th.

Merge Town! is the third game to use Gram's Merge! mechanic. It is a casual city-builder that has players creating ever-expanding towns by merging buildings of the same type together.

Further expansion

"We’re excited for the arrival of Merge Town! on Android, and for the further expansion of the Merge! franchise. The success of the game on iOS is proof point that the easy-to-play mechanic has become popular with casual gamers," said Mehmet Ecevit, Gram’s Co-Founder and CEO.

"This is our third game of 2017 and through constant iteration, we plan to develop the franchise further, with at least two more Merge! games planned for release this year."

Gram is currently in the process of transitioning from a small studio to a mid-sized company. You can find out more about the developer's plans for the future in our interview with its Culture Developer Erin O'Brien.


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