App Store Search ads rank high in latest AppsFlyer Performance Index for H1 2017

But Facebook and Google continue to dominate

App Store Search ads rank high in latest AppsFlyer Performance Index for H1 2017

Mobile analytics firm AppsFlyer has released the fifth edition of its Performance Index ranking the best media sources in mobile advertising.

The report tracked six billion installs, 80 billion app sessions, 250 media networks and 5,500 apps, each with a minimum of 2,000 non-organic installs for H1 2017.

It also introduced the ROI Index, which lists the top media sources based on the money it makes versus the cost.

The hottest advertisers

Facebook and Google typically dominate the mobile advertising landscape, so it was no surprise that the companies took first and second spot in games and non-games rankings.

Interestingly though Apple’s recently launched Search Ads has propelled the smartphone giant right to the top echelons of the rankings.

Search Ads hit the number one spot in the iOS ROI Index, with a 30% higher average revenue per user (ARPU) and a 40% lower price than the other networks in this index.

Apple scored highly in the Performed Index too, placing third in non-gaming and fourth in the gaming rankings.

Social media platform Twitter ranked fourth in the power rankings for non-gaming apps, but just scraped into 10th in the gaming stakes.

Another interesting find from the report is that games marketers are choosing fewer ad networks, with non-gaming app marketers choosing almost double the number of networks.

AppsFlyer put this down to the global nature of the games industry, compared to the more local focus of many non-gaming apps.

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