Firefly Games partners with DreamWorks on multi-IP RPG DreamWorks: Universe of Legends

All your favourite and forgotten characters together at last

Date Type Companies involved Size
October 26th, 2017 partnership Firefly Games
NBCUniversal & DreamWorks Interactive
Not disclosed
Firefly Games partners with DreamWorks on multi-IP RPG DreamWorks: Universe of Legends

Firefly Games has partnered with DreamWorks and NBC Universal on a new action RPG using numerous DreamWorks IPs called DreamWorks: Universe of Legends.

The game uses characters and locations from IPs ranging from Shrek and Kung Fu Panda to Shark Tale and Bee Movie. Madagascar, The Croods, How To Train Your Dragon, and more are also featured.

Players will collect and customise characters from all these franchises, before battling them in single and multiplayer modes. The game is now available worldwide.

Coming together

The partnership came about thanks to Firefly's relationship with entertainment firm The Riva Group. Riva already had a relationship with DreamWorks, while Firefly already had experience developing IP-based games.

DreamWorks and NBC Universal are said to have been involved in every stage of development, ensuring each IP in the game adhered to existing canon and brand representation. The studios also helped develop the in-game lore as to why the brands have all come together.

Firefly closed a $10 million funding round back in August 2016 to develop games based on Hollywood IPs. "We see an expansion opportunity to diversify and leverage our current strengths into Hollywood IP, VR, and e-sports," said Firefly CEO Michael Zhang at the time.


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