New volumetric and 3D video capture studio Dimension sets up home in London

Hammerhead VR, Digital Catapult, and Microsoft all pitch in

New volumetric and 3D video capture studio Dimension sets up home in London

Digital Catapult has partnered with VR studio Hammerhead and Microsoft to open a new volumetric and 3D video capture studio in London called Dimension.

The studio allows developers to capture performances from actors, performers, and even animals. These performances can then be viewed from all angles thanks to the numerous cameras around the space capturing them.

Volumetric video like this can then be used in augmented and virtual reality experiences to make them more realistic. The studio is also the first to use Microsoft's Mixed Reality Capture Technology.

Immersive technology

"Together with Hammerhead and Microsoft we are delighted to bring the world's most advanced immersive technology to the UK," says Dr Jeremy Silver, CEO of Digital Catapult.

"Dimension enables production of extraordinarily life-like digital assets making stories, experiences and applications even more compelling. Compared to current animated content, the potential impact of truly lifelike VR/AR/MR experiences is enormous putting the UK at the heart of the immersive industry."

Hammerhead VR joined Creative England's list of Future Leaders back in February 2017. It joined developers such as ustwo and Lucid Games.


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