Top grossing games on mobile have seen ARPPU increase by over 60% since January 2016

GameAnalytics digs into the data

Top grossing games on mobile have seen ARPPU increase by over 60% since January 2016

The top grossing games on mobile have seen their ARPPU increase by over 60% since January 2016, according to GameAnalytics.

The mobile game analytics firm has released its Mobile Gaming Industry Analysis for 2017 report, which studied the performance of over 40,000 mobile games from January 2016 to September 2017.

It found that the top five most popular genres of games were Action, Simulation, Arcade, Puzzle and Adventure. Simulation has grown in popularity over the last year, having been the fourth most popular genre in 2016.

Average D7 retention for games came to an average of 4% across the industry, while the top games had an average of 11%. Casino, Word, Board, and Card games were found to have 2x better retention than other genres.

The best get better

Session length also varies wildly between games, with an average of 6 minutes per sessions across all games studied. The top 16% of games had average sessions of 11.5 minutes, while the bottom 16% had just 3 minute average sessions lengths.

"The core aim of the report is to draw light on how certain KPIs have shifted over time, so that game developers of all sizes know where to focus their efforts most effectively in 2018," said GameAnalytics CEO, Jaco Els.

"With these insights, they have the best chance of increasing their share of the predicted $110 billion market revenues in the coming year."

You can find the full report on GameAnalytics' website.


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